Truckies Net Log 11th April 2008

VK2FABK Net Control

Frequency 3.600 Mhz







1 VK2FABK Bruiser N/A Net Control - The Rock
2 VK5FRJP Rob 5/9 Kingston On The Murray
3 VK1JST John 5/9 Canberra - disappered!
4 VK2HMV Paul 5/9 Central Coast
5 VK3FTIB Turbo 5/9 Katamatite
6 VK3KDL Dave 5/9 Murchison
7 VK2XB Indy 5/9 Mobile Griffith - Hay
8 VK3KRB Rob 5/9 Melbourne
9 VK3UBO Tony 5/9 +10 Burrumbeet
10 VK3GKK Sir Charles 5/9 Melbourne

    Comment from Bruiser.  Good group. Thanks to all for being there. 

   Good net.  Good signals but noise built up during the night.

    My note to Bruiser.  Excellent job. Especially for first attempt at net control and for someone who usually only ever strings half a dozen words together! You are now definitely on the "net control" roster!!!!!!!!!