Dad's name was Jack. John "Jack" Gilmour (SK June 2001). His call was VK2MUD and known as "The Muddy Old Man of the Murrumbidgee".  This name goes back to the days of CB when he and I used that medium for contact with each other and people all over the southern part of Australia.


        Dad received his amateur call in June 1986. He was a diesel mechanic and worked on trucks tractors and stationary engines. He held an Articulated Vehicle drivers licence from the middle 1940's until he had to relinquish it back to the system in 1994 because of failing eyesight.


        Jack drove semi's, buses, heavy earth moving equipment and most vehicles that were propelled by an engine including some very large water bourn craft from his time served in the Navy.



        I hope this will give you enough information about Jack to make the choice of placing him in the company of many good men.

Submitted by Barry, VK2KUZ

Editor's Note

I knew Jack personally for many years.  He was truly one of nature's gentlemen.  I can assure you that we are far the worse for his passing, however his light shines on in my memory and through his family.